• Sports


    volleyball court

    To the left of the entrance, guests will see our space designed for basketball, volleyball, pickleball and more. This area is over 57,900 square feet and provides ample opportunities for recreational play. This sports area includes 6 full-sized, high school regulation basketball courts that transition to 12 full sized volleyball courts or 18 pickleball courts.

    The basketball goals and volleyball nets are both ceiling mounted creating both adjustable goals and net heights. This area is filled with wall-to-wall coverage of Taraflex Sport M+ (plus) flooring that offers superior performance for athletes. This unique flooring helps prevent injuries for athletes of all levels when considering shock absorption and comfort. All courts and walkways are separated by 84 feet by 30 feet divider curtains for easy division of games. 

    Turf Fields

    turf area

    To the right of the entrance, guests will notice our large indoor turf area designed for multiple uses including: soccer, football, baseball, softball, flag football and more. The spacious area includes 46,000 square feet of non-infill turf with two indoor soccer fields with large divider curtains located mid-field. The 225-foot walkway is lined with 8ft Seamless Infinity Glass walls along both sides to maximize viewing. Up above the fields are 4 battling cage tunnels that are 12 feet wide, 10 feet tall and 70 feet long. The versatile space provides new opportunities for top-level play. 

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